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SBD collaborates with professional organizations and leading educational institutions, providing a wide range of resourceful and experiential skills development programmes. Such Industry partnerships and collaborations support real-time curriculum adaption to reflect the issues that member companies are facing and can better prepare their team to tackle real-world challenges. SDB partner with industry to engage their stakeholders to yield unique perspectives and new understandings of dynamic challenges they are facing and explore new opportunities. Its helps to understand how to conduct oneself in the business world and make connections that may lead to better skills development and training practices.

Industry partners works with SDB in developing a curriculum to make sure there’s a practical focus to outfit member trainees with the skills they’ll need to get hired or sustain the employment. As for the member training and educational institutions, they can provide workshops to enrich trainees and arrange field trips which exposes them to real life situations. Training and skills enhancement are a key investment towards workforce development and stronger partnerships with educational institutions are a necessity.

Our Partners:

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Skills Development Board (SDB) has set certain Key Quality Indicators (KQIs) that drives improvement and initiate quality assurance tools to the skills development and training centres. This helps the member institutes providing training to improve the standard of education and training they provide..

The key quality indicators are

  • Corporate Management
  • HR & Financial Management
  • Academic Management
  • Marketing & Communication Management

Purpose of the SBD’s Endorsement

SDB strives to contribute to society through the pursuit of skills development and training at the highest international levels of excellence. Our quality assurance procedure provides a framework that enhances the training activities to ensure that they achieve this aspiration of excellence. SDB’s procedures for assuring quality in education, skills development, learning and assessment are designed to reflect its mission, vision and objectives.

The dissemination of good practice is highly important for the enhancement of the SDB’s members training and skills development provision. SDB has a strategy to facilitate the spread of good practice across its members within the corporate and education institutions, and to identify examples of good practice within the sector.

Member Organizations can achieve SDB endorsement for the quality of their business and programs by applying to SDB. For more details contact admin@skillsboard.org.uk

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SDB provides consultancy services for:


SDB will provide training, consulting and related services to incorporate and manage businesses in UK, Singapore and India. UK and Singapore’s political stability, pro-business policy and favorable tax benefits are key reasons why entrepreneurs from around the world prefer to incorporate start-ups companies in these chosen regions. The local laws do not allow foreigners individuals or foreign corporate entities to self-register a local company. It is highly recommended to engage a professional service to register your Company. We assure a swift and successful incorporation of your company.


Skills Development Board (SDB) works with member organizations and professional and skills development courses offered by creditable UK institutions. British universities provide top-quality education, that is a well-known fact and all reputed rankings approve. There are numerous institutions in UK who offer top quality academic, professional and skills development training courses. SDB also promote vocational training courses offered by member institutions in Singapore and India.

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