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SDB is committed to provide cutting-edge competency-based training and development programs for its members especially educational and training institute.

We promote and offer a broad range of hospitality, supply chain, logistics and business management programs in partnership with leading global academic and vocational institutions. The training curriculum and courses are designed which is aligned with member’s strategic objectives. We promote and offer following training certifications awarded by our corporate or professional members solely or in association with us.

  • 01 - AVIS Worldwide

    Professional Certificate in Blockchain Technology

  • 02 - ILSM

    International Certificate in Logistics Management

  • 03 - ILSM

    International Certificate in Supply chain Management

  • 04 - ILSM

    International Certificate in Warehouse Management

  • 05 - ILSM

    International Diploma in Warehouse and Transport Management

  • 06 - ILSM

    International Diploma in Logistics and Supply chain Management

  • 07 - AVIS Worldwide

    Professional Diploma in Hospitality Management

  • 08 - ILSM

    International Professional Diploma in Logistics and Shipping Management

  • 09 - ILSM

    International Advanced Graduate Diploma in Logistics and Shipping Management

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